During winter, the CRA will provide the development program between May and September, concluding at the Interprovincial Regatta. This is designed to reduce the resourcing from Canterbury-based clubs during this period and provide an option for athletes to develop year-round.

The Canterbury Rowing Winter Program (CRWP) will support selected athletes during the winter period through a regional program based in Christchurch and two additional camps at Lake Hood in Ashburton.


To provide additional training opportunities over and above club winter programs to integrate school levers into the club scene and to provide for our adult club rowers throughout the off-season. The goal of the program is to build an inter-club provincial team to compete at the 2023 Interprovincial regatta, held in Twizel in September.

What to expect:

The 2023 Winter program will continue to deliver quality on-water sessions, erg sessions, and strength and condition (S&C) sessions, however, there will be more water opportunities and more coaching resources (funded by RNZ) to cater to athletes looking to make NZ teams in the coming 12-18 months.

The CRWP will be split into two groups:

  1. Regional athletes; and
  2. Development athletes

Year 12 athletes may only be included in the final 8 weeks of the program and are required to be at a level where they are contenders for the Interprovincial (IP) team. A separate S&C group may be set up if there is sufficient demand for it (this will be assessed in July and likely run from the end of August to mid-October).

The program will end at the Interprovincial Regatta in September where athletes who have been part of the CRWP will be selected to represent Canterbury at the regatta before returning to their clubs to complete the summer season. ​​​​​​​

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